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Your Oriental Herbs Expert!永福堂 WINGFOOKTONG  
   Chinese herbal Shampoo
  (With Shouwu and Tianma)


Contains a varieties of best quality of Chinese Herbs like Polygoni Multilori Radix, Gatrodia Elata etc. to provide our consumers the best experience of herbal shampoo.


Benefit: Help prevent the growth of the white hairs and enhance the growth of the dark hair at the same time. It also helps lower the chance of falling hairs and minimize the likeliness of having headaches due to gout. 

*Functions best in dry and damaged hair.






    Chinese herbal Shampoo 

  (With Camellia Seed and Aloe)



Contains high quality of tea seeds, Aloe vera, Polygoni Multiflori Radix, Gatrodia Elata Bl, Radix Angelicae Sinensis with the high technology process to manufacure this nourishing herbal Shampoo.


Benefit: Help to remove dandruff, decrease hair loss, scalp itchiness, excess secretion of hair oil, improve the hair texture and help produce a darker and elastic hair.


Camellia Seed Shampoo Powder



Contains the Camellia seed powder which has an excellent effect of cleansing the hair while at the same time replenishes the hair with a variety of nutrients.

Benefit: Suppresses dandruff, itching and improves hair texture.



               Herbal Soap

This product adopts the secret formula, with the precious herbal essence and the advanced technology to provide our customers the best herbal soap.

Benefit: Deeply moisturize the skin, help remove the dermal bacteria and lower the chance of getting mosquito bites.


        Herbal Bathing Liquid


This product adopts the herbal essence and advanced technology to provide you the bathing liquid that have medicinal effects. People with the skin disease is recommended to try this product.

Benefits: Help to relieve syndrome of a series of skin diseases with the help of Chinese Herbs.



     Majestic Anti-hair fall
    and nourishing shampoo



Contains herbal extracts from Gleditsia Sinesis, Radix Ligustici Chuanxiong,Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Radix astragali, Ginseng and Rhizoma Gastrodiae Elatae combining to form the nourishing and anti-hair loss formula.


Benefit: Improve the nutrient supply, prevent hair falling and darken the hair and thereby leaving the hair bright and healthy.




      Majestic Anti dandruff 

    and oil control shampoo

Contains herbal extracts from Gleditsia sinensis, camellia seed and green bamboo essence. With the special formula, it is the remedy of the oily hair.


Benefit: Capable of improving the nutrient supply without hurting the scalp, leaving hair shiny and healthy.



      Majestic Herbal Essence



Contains Chinese natural herbal extracts from Fructus Gleditsiae Sinensis and Melalenca Alternifolia Cheel. It supplies essential protein, vitamin, nutrient for hair repairing.


Benefit: Helps nourish and revitalize hair and makes hair shiny and healthy.